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About Annapolis

At the Severn River mouth on the Chesapeake Bay, the "Sailing Capital of America", Annapolis, is home to City Dock, the only pre-revolutionary seaport that remains existing. Known for the signing of the Treaty of Paris and George Washington's resignation, Annapolis is also home to the US Naval Academy, St. John's College (originally King William's School), the National Sailing Hall of Fame and numerous historical sites. There are over sixty 18th Century structures located downtown Annapolis.

In 1649, Puritans seeking religious freedom settled in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland. In 1649 Governor Francis Nicholson designed a new capital city for the Province of Maryland, which he named to honor the future Queen Anne of England. Hence, Annapolis (translates to "Anne's City") became Maryland's capital. On November 22, 1708, Governor John Seymour, who was appointed by Queen Anne of Great Britain, granted a charter to Annapolis, which makes it the oldest incorporated municipality in Maryland and the only city whose charter was issued under the Royal Seal.

For a short period of ten months, November 1783 to August 1784, Annapolis served as the Capital of the US. The State House still stands. The US again acknowledged the strategic importance of this nautical city when the US Naval Academy was founded in 1845. The Academy serves as the city's Northeastern border.

This seaport holds numerous boat shows and races, sailing events and activities. Besides offering Bed and Breakfasts for visitors, Annapolis has an abundance of Boat and Breakfast offerings for tourist to experience the Bay aboard ship for dinner with sunset and breakfast at sunrise.

Annapolis maintains 11 acres known as Back Creek Nature Park, which is a registered educational center teaching about the environment and the natural area habitat. Additionally the city owns 650 acres of woods and ponds along the Defense Highway. As a community interested in protecting their natural environment, both land and sea, Annapolis is co-producer this year of the first Chesapeake Green Living Festival which is to celebrate home, earth, you and the bay.

Anne's City, Annapolis, maintains and exhibits its quaint, historic, seaside personality with flair and with the arts as well as with their famous crab cuisine. For a remarkable jaunt into maritime and architectural history, for a discovery into the future of greening the environment, or to experience the world of arts, Annapolis offers a host of experiences and opportunities to their visitors.

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Whether you're in the mood to browse through a mall or spend some time in a boutique, Annapolis has the place for you!

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